Zoning Board of Appeals


We are requiring that you submit your Zoning Board of Appeals permits online through PermitLink.  These would include an application for a Variance from the Zoning Regulations, Appeal from the Decision of the Zoning Enforcement Officer or Approval of a Motor Vehicle Sales or Repair Location.

Serving and Protecting Burlington Applicants and Residents

The Town of Burlington Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) have three primary functions:

  1. Hear and decide appeals of the Zoning Enforcement Officer where it is alleged that there is an error in any order, requirement or decision made.
    1. Appeals must be made within 15-days of the rendition of an order, requirement or decision per our Zoning Regulations. Please refer to pages 105 & 106 of our Zoning Regulations for more details on this subject.
  2. Determine and vary the application of the Zoning Regulations with respect to a parcel of land (not affecting, generally, the Zone in which it is situated) where enforcement of the Zoning Regulations would result in exceptional difficulty or unusual hardship.  Please refer to Page 107 of our Zoning Regulations for more details on this subject.
  3. Location Approval powers acting as an Agent of the State of Connecticut, which includes:
    1. Dealing in or Repairing Motor Vehicles;
    2. Gasoline Stations;
    3. Motor Vehicle Recycler’s Yard.

The ZBA consists of five (5) elected members plus three (3) appointed alternates.  Our Commission holds Regular Meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, typically at 7:00 PM unless noted otherwise.

Our application can be found online in PermitLink.  Please read the options on each application to choose which one you are submitting.  For example: For a Variance, you should submit a Zoning Board of Appeals permit application online and, at the top of page 1, choose if this is Residential or Commercial and then choose ‘Variance from the Zoning Regulations’.

If you cannot find an application online for your needs or have questions, please call the Land Use Department at (860) 673-6789 x6.

Where to Find Important ZBA News, Notices and Regulations

To make sure our residents and applicants are up to speed on ZBA matters, we share notices for upcoming meeting agendas, meeting minutes, notices of decision and any special notifications as required by our ZBA Regulations, State Statutes or special orders such as the COVID-19 Executive Orders.

We also have an “About the ZBA” section and links to our online permitting system including instructions on this page.

All this information is a click away in the appropriate sections of this page!

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Allison Breithaupt ZBA Clerk

Board Members

Name Title
John Derewonko Member
Vacancy Vacancy Member
Peter M. Perkins Chairman
Jacob Poppel Member
Laurie Arel Alternate
Chris Argiropoulos Alternate
William Mastrogiovanni, Jr Member
Vacancy Vacancy Alternate