The Assessor's Office is responsible for establishing the value of property for tax purposes, and obtaining and applying any exemptions and abatements that might apply. It is the Assessor’s responsibility and goal to ensure that all property values are fair and equitable and assessed according to Connecticut State Statute, so every property owner shares their appropriate portion of the total property tax burden. This objective is accomplished by the discovering, listing and valuing of all existing and new construction, motor vehicles, and business personal property.

Please call ahead to be sure that someone will be in the office.

Current Mill Rate on the 2018 Grand List is 33.0
Last year’s mill rate on the 2017 Grand List was 32.5
The Census Tract for the entire town of Burlington is 4101

When Cancelling License Plates on your Motor Vehicle please give a copy of the plate cancellation to the Assessor's Office IMMEDIATELY. Make sure to include proof of disposition of the vehicle, i.e. Bill of Sale, Junkyard Receipt, Re-Registration in a new State, etc.

You can fax to 860-673-3159, or Scan or take a picture and Email to:


Staff Contacts

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Beth Paul Assessor, CCMA II