Board of Assessment Appeals

Making sure your property is taxed fairly!

Fair Taxation of Your Property

The Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA), formerly titled Board of Tax Review was created in Connecticut with the enactment of Code 1650. This code provides the legal basis for taxation of property in Connecticut. There are 169 Boards of Appeals in Connecticut and most consist of three members that are elected. This reinforces an American tradition; taxpayers are entitled to appeal their assessment, not to a government official, but to their own peers. It is important to note that this board is an official municipal agency that works independently of the Assessor's Office. It is this independence that encourages taxpayers to address any issues regarding the values established by the Assessor. The BAA meets in March to hear appeals for all property valued for the October 1st Grand List date. This meeting will be held in April if the Assessor was granted an extension for filing the Grand List. The BAA must meet in September for motor vehicle appeals only. The primary qualifications of a member are one of personal integrity and dedication to duty, and it was determined that elections were seen as the best method of selection. Even though the Board Members are generally lay people, there are many state statutes that must be followed and time tables and filing dates that must met. The BAA Chairman will post the appropriate forms and any necessary instructions prior to the March and September meeting dates. It is important to remember that you must file a BAA application within the appropriate time frame (March or September) to have your appeal reviewed by the BAA.

If you have any questions, please contact the Assessor’s office at (860) 673-6789 ext. 3.

Board Members

Andrew D Ugalde
James Millerick
Roy Merritt, Jr.