The District applies for available funding grants that assist in fulfilling its capacity to meet the essential services of local public health. As a full time health district, BBHD is also eligible for additional grant monies to address specific issues that are not available to part time health departments. To promote the overall health and well-being of its member communities, the District frequently applies for grants that address current and future public health concerns.

Grants received during the past year include funding for oral health services of older adults, cancer control planning activities, tobacco cessation programs, public health emergency planning, and HIV/AIDS counseling, testing and referral. Funding for a physical exercise program, oral health services, and public health emergency preparedness have already been received for FY 2008-2009. These programs are provided to residents of Burlington and Bristol at low or no cost. In addition, the District conducts studies of existing and emerging trends and regularly seeks funding for innovation solutions to identified issues.