Community Message From Our Burlington Lions Club

Hoping everyone is staying well. We are pleased to share an important & thoughtful community message from our Burlington Lions Club. At this time please feel free to contact the Lions Club if you, a friend or a neighbor need immediate assistance during these challenging times....

The Burlington Lions Club is organizing the “Help Your Neighbor Fund” and has seeded this fund with $2,000 to get started. We are asking for your help to contribute and disperse these funds as we all go through this trying time.
In an effort to continue to do what we do best, Serve our Community, the Burlington Lions Club is reaching out to our Burlington community to help provide financial assistance and show our support for individuals and families in need in these unprecedented times. We hope, that together, we can ease the burden on our neighbors. It is in a time of crisis that the best of Burlington comes through.
This letter is asking those who want to support our efforts to make your own contribution to the Lion’s Help Your Neighbor Fund in any amount so we can reach out to as many of the residents.
The Burlington Lions “Help Your Neighbor Fund” will be used to provide financial assistance to those in need throughout this crisis. We will continue to make disbursements on a first come, first serve basis to families in need until the funds are depleted.
Please consider making a contribution in any amount by using the enclosed self-addressed envelope or by visiting our website,, to make an online contribution. Make checks payable to the “Burlington Lions Club”.
There are so many ways we can help each other. Practicing safe distancing, picking up food or prescriptions for others, or just staying in touch and calling family and friends on the phone to keep their spirits up are a few examples that can make a difference in someone’s life.
If your family is in need or you happen to know someone who is please contact Robert or Kelly. All information received is strictly confidential and free from judgment. We are here to help the members of our community.
If you have any questions please contact either Robert Dunn at 860.463.6646 or Kelly Fecteau at 860.463.7640 or email  [email protected]