Burlington Community Update 3/18/20

To the Citizens of Burlington, we want to let you know that Town Leaders along with the town’s Emergency Services, Public Works and key community individuals are working together under the Town’s Continuity Of Operations Plan (COOP) as a Team to monitor our current Public Health Crisis. While some town services have been restricted or suspended, all critical infrastructures and vital services remain intact. Overall, we are in good shape. Should the dynamics change, the COOP Team is ready to respond and adapt as needed.

As a community we need you to be part of our team so that we can maintain our current status. Please adhere to social distancing advisories, tele-work where and when possible and use online services and telephones to conduct business. Use good judgment when purchasing food and commodities as we are all in this together.

Up to date town-wide information can be found on the Town’s website, as well as the following social media pages; Ted Shafer – First Selectman (FB) and tedshafer1806 (IG), Burlington Volunteer Fire Department (FB and Twitter) and Burlington Emergency Management (FB). Subscribe to the Everbridge Alerts and Town News 

Repeating the constant health message, PLEASE - PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS... OFTEN. Do not touch your face, stay hydrated and rested.

Stay safe. Stay well.
Michael Boucher
Public Information Officer