State & Local Programs Information

To aid Burlington's residents, we also are able to offer programs that reduce financial tax burden on the elderly, disabled, military service men and women and the handicapped. Local and State programs include:

State Programs

  • Elderly / Totally Disabled Tax Benefit
  • Elderly / Totally Disabled Renter Rebate
  • Totally Disabled Exemption
  • Blind Exemption
  • Additional Veterans Exemption
  • Active Duty Serviceman Exemption
  • Farm and Forest Land Filings

Local Programs

  • Handicapped Equipped Vehicle Exemption
  • Elderly / Totally Disabled Tax Benefit

Important Program & Filing Deadlines

While there are many benefits that can be taken advantage of, it is important to know about these critical deadlines and dates:

  • September 15th - Elderly / Totally Disabled Renters Program Ends
  • September 30th - Honorable Discharge Filing Deadline
  • October 1st Deadline for:
    • Totally Disabled Application
    • Blind or Disabled Applications
    • Forestland Application
    • Additional Veterans Application
  • October 31st - Farmland Filing Deadline
  • November 1st Deadline for:
    • Personal Property Declaration
    • Quadrennial Report

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